Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newport Beach-September 2010

Thanks to Don and Alison's hospitality, we were able to hang out right on the beach for a week in September. It was so nice. Waking up every morning, going for a run while staring at the ocean to the right, people watching right in front, and hoping that the cool houses had opened their blinds so we could look in. Having no agenda except that someone needed to put the beach chairs out in the morning. Making runs to the taco place for $1 tacos. Biking to circle K for a soda refill. I think one of the reasons that I loved this vacation so much was that it was just that... a VACATION. Everyone is there for the same reason-to do nothing. I loved biking on the boardwalk and watching everyone on their patios, bbqing, laughing, playing cards, playing with their kids, reading US weekly, people napping in the sun at 4pm. It totally fostered that feeling that you don't need to do anything or go anywhere.
Max was in paradise.
All he needed was a shovel.
Trying to be safe, even indoors.
Olivia loves her cousin Max.
My 3 boys
Cal made friends quick-here he is with the downstairs neighbors kids' hanging out on the patio. They did this for so long-requesting fives from all the boardwalk bikers. He loved it.
More fives. Most people were eager to give the kids some skin, however, there were a few who blatantly ignored-they clearly had no souls.
Cal and Luke hanging out people watching-a favorite pastime when doing nothing at the beach. bliss

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A whole lot of nothing-perfect vacation

Passed out after crying the whole walk back from the surf shop-they didn't have the exact same hat as Daddy's-tragic.
warming up to the new hat
I love this picture of Garrett and cal-Nice totally cheesy smiles!
Soaking up all the media they can get.
Father son bonding

"We should probably just play in the sand all day"

Gabrielle, Olivia, and Max.
Taking turns is an acquired taste.
Olivia and Gabrielle getting warm after fully committing to a full day of chilly ocean swimming.

So much more than cousins:)

A little Bocce

"Just gotta get my bowls for the game mom"
Too close to call

"Am I standing too close dad?"
They have the same exact stance-it's hard to tell from this photo, but it is exactly the same. genetics. fascinating.

More beach memories

Cal in action
Gabrielle couldn't stop laughing out of fear/excitement on this sling shot thing.
Luke with Cal and Garrett on the Ferris Wheel at Balboa-I went on it with Gabrielle and I was honestly a bit nervous when it stops at the top and it is not high. I think it's part of aging....
Garrett, Cal, Gabrielle, Isabella, and Olivia. Thank Goodness for cousins that are the same age and love to be together-a lot to be said for coordinating pregnancies with those you love to spend time with

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My favorite Max

We love this guy. He is now 17 months. He is just as intense, if not more, than our other kids. He is the only one of our kids who loves to be thrown up in the air-Cal and Gabrielle were scaredy cats. He can somehow whistle, not on demand, but when he sees me doing it he will form his little mouth into an oh, inhale/exhale, and we start to hear the little high pitched whistle-I love it. He's making requests constantly, saying "MINE", sings, runs, fakes like he wants to hug me and then grabs my hair and doesn't let go while laughing hysterically. He spins around while saying, "whoa, whoa, whoa!!" He's also my only kid who gets scared of the vacuum, gets super scared of loud noises. Obsessed with any kind of ball and watched more than a few innings of Giants baseball with Luke this season. So glad he's here with us!