Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well what's new? Not much, but I feel like I should write and not just post pictures. I'm ready for fall, but I need to relax seeing as how it's suppose to be 103 tomorrow. Gabrielle has been in preschool for a few weeks and really likes it. Cal is talking non stop and has so many opinions-it's rather annoying-what happened to the kid who goes with the flow? The kid who stays in the cart? The kid who is happy with whatever food I place in front of him? He is long gone, but he's still liberal with his hugs so I guess it's ok. Luke is taking the kids camping tomorrow with a friend and his kids. Gabrielle is so excited. I'm excited to have a quiet house, but I will be hanging out with my friend's tomorrow night and then on Saturday I'll be going to Time Out for Women with my friends. I should be quite rejuvenated by Sat night. Also I have turned over a new leaf and I have decided to start doing things differently. I had an epiphany this morning when Gabrielle came in and woke me up. I thought-ooogh I don't want to get up- then I thought-this is ridiculous Andrea do something different, clearly what you're doing now isn't working for you so change it. So insted of going downstairs in a fog and getting Gabrielle breakfast, then trying to fall back asleep on the couch before Cal wakes up, I went to my bathroom, washed my face with cold water and a lemon scrub, got dressed, went downstairs and drank some water and a emergenC. Then this afternoon instead of picking up the kitchen and family room and being too burned out to get to laundry and upstairs etc, I started upstairs. I feel like my brain needs switching up-who knows what I'll do tonight? It could be anything-I don't even know! WHOO I'm crazy!!!! My inspiration came from George Costanza. Do you recall the Seinfeld where george did everything opposite of what his instinct was and then everything started going right for him? Dang that was a good show.

I love this picture. They made these at the gym daycare. You can kind of see Gabrielle's smaller lip in this one. It looks great. I'm just waiting another week or 2 to post a good pic of it when the incision is healed even more. We're really happy with it especially because she is. She says, "I can't even believe it my lip is tiny!"


There was a fly in the house while cal was eating his breakfast and he was not happy about it. When he would see it he'd yell, "No bugs!" and cover his eyes.
Looking apprehensive, he'd peel his hands away from his eyes checking to see if it was safe, only to see it again.
He eventually just kept one hand up to shield his eyes from the horror that is a fly.