Monday, January 14, 2008

Gabrielle started gymnastics and got this sweet leotard-she feels sexy in it and that's all that matters. she started primary a few weeks ago-loves it. It was so cute when she came to me with her CTR ring on her chubby little finger that her teacher gave her. I'm in nursery now-so in case I don't get enough toddler stimulation throughout the week-I make up for it in those 2 hrs every Sunday. I have to keep chanting in my head "It's important to serve, It's important to serve" so now it's the lull of winter; rain, dark by 5 pm, kids going stir crazy, spring still a few months away....I am leaving on Thursday to go to Vegas for my sisters b-day-my other 2 sisters are going to see her too. I am so excited to be alone for 3 days-ahh. It's amzing the things that are fun after you have kids. I am excited to walk by myself to the gate, wait, board, chill with my sisters for 3 days and nights-I am very very excited. Thanks Luke.