Saturday, January 30, 2010


Gabrielle took this picture and wanted it on the blog so here it is-I think she did a pretty good job

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Max and doting Grandma Sherrie
My little monster

Halloween 2009

Cal had his mind made up that he was going to be and iphone since July-so here it is and he LOVED it!
He kept pressing all the buttons saying "Look at all my applications!!"
Oh the plight of the babe who can't have food yet
Gabrielle and Lexi. Gabrielle discovered a new found love this Hallowwen-Kit Kats

Prinesses on Ice

Hey let's go to Apple Hill to get in a crisp fall mood! Oh wait its 82 degrees-lame

We thought he was just being quiet.....until we found him

I just love this picture
Pumpkin carving with cousin Livy! YAY
Uncle Jer trying to contain Max
Cal and Livy chillin in my room-they're just not quite ready to start the day

Alexis Wiseman photo shoot in old town Folsom

Max at 4 months

Gabrielle LOVES Max. She smothers him with kisses-literally

The girls had so much fun and it was such a nice relaxing time for me with little Max

I love this picture because it shows kids in the perfect state: tired because they played hard all day, sun kissed skin, freshly bathed, sitting quietly engrossed in a show with bedtime in sight-aahhh summer