Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I typed too soon...

Well we spent 2 freezing days in San Francisco for Gabrielle's surgery and it looks like we'll be heading back sometime in the future.  The plastic surgeon said he couldn't get it all.  He needed to be conservative because he didn't want to make it too small.  It is a lot better just not as small as we thought it would be.  We set the wrong expectations for Gabrielle and the first thing she said when she came out of anesthesia was "Is my lip tiny?  Are you sure it's tiny?"  Then she fell back asleep and when she woke up again she was licking her lip and asked, "Is it still big?"  It was really swollen so it obviously felt really big to her.  It's getting better and better and the incision looks so good-I don't think there will be any scar.  I'll post pictures in a few weeks when it's to it's optimal size.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bye bye hemangioma

We leave tomorrow morning for San Francisco for Gabrielle's pre-op. Her surgery is on Friday morning. Luke's mom will be watching Cal here so we can have a fun day with Gabrielle after her pre-op. Then we will stay in a hotel so we can be there for her surgery bright and early in the morning. I'm not really sure what to expect. I know it won't look perfect, but I am excited to see her with a normal size bottom lip-she's excited too except for the eating soft foods part. She will have to be put under so there is always that small nagging "what if something goes wrong" feeling, but I'm sure she'll be just fine. Of course we will be rushing her out of recovery since we get charged by the hour and her insurance does not cover it. ooogh insurance companies!!!!!!(I'm shaking my fist in the air at them). Well I will post pictures when I can!

Friday, August 1, 2008