Sunday, April 20, 2008

i hate moving

I don't know if I posted on this blog that I'm moving, but if not-we moved. About 15 min away to Rancho Cordova. Our renters moved out and we were sick of renting so here we are. I am actually really excited-I really like this house and we're getting new countertops. So our kitchen is not in working condition and I'm so sick of going back and forth between the 2 houses. We have maybe 1 more trip and then we'll have everything here. the actual act of moving sucks. What makes it worse is having crazy kids. What makes it even that much worse is when one kid is obsessed with being out front (of course it can't be the backyard-has to be the front with danger lurking everywhere) and this same kid has pink eye. I had no energy to deal with Gabrielle's drama if I didn't let her wear what she wanted to church today so I said ok to her outfit telling her it was out last Sunday here and that was the only reason it was ok. She wore a blue and white dress with pink leggings with an awesome peach and white scarf (thanks to Martha's knitting) tied tight around her neck. She wore it the whole day and was so excited telling me that everyone was going to love her outfit. Hopefully this scarf isn't the new "tiny black shorts".