Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Disgusting, yet satisfying

It has been a week now and I still can't taste. My cold turned into a sinus infection, which I've never experienced, nor do I want to ever again. The pressure/pain in my head, cheekebones, eyes-it's brutal. It feels like there is a 10lb sack attached to my post nasal area. I'm fine with pain-I grew up never taking pain meds (except when prescribed by a doc)-one of those weird things in childhood where it just doesn't occur to you that you have the power to change your destiny (like having my face wiped with a wash rag that was kind of smelly-that I hated and to this day I CAN'T use wash cloths in the kitchen) My mom feels bad to this day-why didn't I ever say, "Ew mom don't wipe my face with that nasty rag!" I digress...........Anyway what I'm not fine with is the fact that I can't tase food, except for brief moments, and when I sleep at night, there is no chance of breathing through my nose so-the mouth it is. That's very pleasurable-desert in my mouth-weird side note-since I've been mouth breathing I've had the weirdest dreams-super vivid. I'm on the verge of going crazy-a week without tasting food is a lot to ask of someone who loves food. So today my friend gave me this sinus nasal rinse thing. It is really crazy looking and gross, but it does the trick-I can now taste my food about 55%-as opposed to 0%. Things are looking up folks!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things I hate about being sick

1. Feeling like a fuzzy version of myself
2. Having to apply vaseline around my nose cause it's raw from tissue use
3. no energy
4. not being able to taste food
5. Having to sleep with 3 pillows propping me up because I'm all stuffed up if I'm not at a 45 degree angle-and if I choose to lay somewhat flat I have to breathe through my mouth which burns my already burning throat.
6. Needing way more sleep, but not being able to get it thanks to Gabrielle and Cal.
THE ONE GOOD THING ABOUT BEING SICK-Once I'm better, I'm so excited to feel normal that I'm so happy doing the mundane tasks that come with most days.