Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Sing to me when I was a baby" -Cal

One bedtime, I was singing to Gabrielle and I changed the words to You are my sunshine. I started sing "When you were a baby....." I was pretty much just rambling off any possible memories I have left in my brain, KIND OF to the tune of the song. Anyway She loved it, wants me to sing memories to her almost every bedtime. Cal heard me and made the same request in his little high voice, "Sing to me when I was a baby". The challenge is trying to remember. I have been with these kids everyday of their lives, you'd think I'd be able to remember more, but I can't so I will start keeping record of all the random, semi boring mundane things because I do want to remember those things and apparently, so do they. I just received this pic (thx Kari) and it took me a second to put together which boy it was. Because I have the same car seat and Max wore that onesie too, I had to refer to the arm rolls, Cal had lots, Max has none. They actually look pretty different, Cal's forehead is taller, Max's chin is a separate entity from his cheeks, lips are totally different, and the hair-Cal's was so easy to stick up and Max's needs some effort.


Team Bowers said...

That is so special! Kids loving hearing stories about themselves. That pic is absolutely darling! He is so so so handsome!

Melissa said...

Could those eyes be bluer?! seems they couldn' if you turned one notch higher on the color...they would change to a different color.